They awaken and glare at the ceiling,Which is veiled in stripes of light from the curtained windowsAnd the chatter of dark-eyed juncosTrilling and pecking at the frost-painted grass outside.Exhausted, they climb out of their sunken mattressAnd return to the realm of the living, unwillingly,They sift through life’s seabed, looking for self-worth,A gentle mind, and a … Continue reading Morning

Baton Rouge

I drive home breathless, humidity in my faceas the golden streetlights meet the traffic lights, car brightsgas station prices and restaurant signs,the engine of my Honda growls,someone’s music in the car next to me ismaking the asphalt beneath me shudder,and I’m playing Ivy by Frank Ocean, andI thought that I was dreaming when you said … Continue reading Baton Rouge


the mattresses are on the carpet in the room with no windows.i sit facing the fan to stifle the heat,which is pouring sweatonto my freckles.sometimes a card is blown awayand i run to get it so we can keep playing go fish.there's a crack behind me, followed by a shatter and clinking.the window in my … Continue reading katrina

Alco’s Infinity

Alco's Infinity is a piece of interactive fiction, written using the open-source interactive fiction engine Twine. It is listed in the Interactive Fiction Database. It is a science fiction adventure that features multiple choices which affect which scenes and dialogue you encounter, as well as the final ending. Explore a futuristic universe where Alco and … Continue reading Alco’s Infinity

The Ocean

                The endless ocean pulsed its thick blue waves in a soft, cadenced rhythm, colliding violently into the shore below with a satisfying boosh. Like a metronome, each swing of the tide was perfectly and accurately measured: each crest uniform to the last, and each swing of the wave in impeccable meter. This massive ocean, … Continue reading The Ocean


>user_id: >d_307509 >user_password: >********* >enter_command: >log >select_log: >1.CAM_1_LOG_678569 >2.CAM_2_LOG_342295 >3.CAM_3_LOG_242843 >4.CAM_4_LOG_724582 >5.CAM_5_LOG_445826 >6.CAM_6_LOG_091831 >7.CAM_7_LOG_579432 >8.CAM_8_LOG_789234 >9.CAM_9_LOG_120935 >3 >loading_audio_transmission... >unknown_voice: hold the door...\unreadable\...okay in here alright hold it...\unreadable\...thanks hold this i need to figure this out...\unreadable\...yeah its some sort of pattern i think if i...\unreadable\...alright that should do it...\unreadable\...yeah, did you hear that click push it … Continue reading CAM_3_LOG

The Manuscript

                Dex opened his eyes to a light-blue blur. The hydrotank slowly drained, sensing his consciousness, and he felt the cool gel-like liquid drain into the floor beneath the tank. He slowly tried to shake himself off and wake up a little more as the tank took its time. Finally, it drained, and Dex was … Continue reading The Manuscript

Panic Attack

            “I don’t know what to do,” he said. His face in his hands, he turned away from the moment. He tried to think about anything else. He tried to breathe. He tried to focus. But he felt like he was drowning.             “Breathe, breathe, breathe,” she encouraged him. But he was already trying. Something deep inside … Continue reading Panic Attack


               The man knelt in the dust, placing one arm on his bent knee. With his other hand, he felt the smooth and grainy dust on the ground with a gloved hand, making an indented line. He paused for a moment, thinking, and looked up at the stars through his fiberglass helmet, his hand still hesitating … Continue reading Rav