When I was a kid, until maybe my late middle school/high school years, I collected snow globes from different places all over the world. I remember starting my collection very young—I think one of my first snow globes must have been from a gift shop in Alabama or Florida when I was about six or … Continue reading Yellow

My Best

The first video game I ever played was M&M’s The Lost Formulas. In the game, you play as Yellow, a dopey peanut M&M, and you run or drive past obstacles, solving simple math equations as you go. It was incredibly janky, but it was fun at the time. I was seven years old. I sat … Continue reading My Best


           This piece was featured in Sidelines Magazine's Fall 2020 Edition.   I think I dreamt of drowning one night in a vast tank surrounded by science-fictionesque steel walls. I fell slowly, as if the water were dark grey jelly, until I could no longer see the surface. A traveler lost … Continue reading Soak

Try Again

            My character loads up and stands, holding a bulky, steel shield and a longsword, dressed in a full suit of armor. Reacquainting myself with my surroundings, I move the left joystick forward and hold down the B button, willing my character to run forward to my next conquerable goal. On my way to the … Continue reading Try Again

Magic is Real

We haven’t talked in a while, and I’m really sorry for that. We kind of drifted apart. I think the childlike wonder left us. Do you remember when we convinced our small group of elementary school friends that magic existed? We would find fairies in the flowers near the library, predict the lightning and pretend … Continue reading Magic is Real

The Mark

            My high school was new and perfect. The old high school had a bad reputation for being the school all the delinquent kids went to, so they found it necessary to make a new one. My class was placed in a temporary school while the new one was being built, which used to literally … Continue reading The Mark


            It’s unbearably cold outside, especially since it’s nighttime, and I’m only wearing a swimsuit. I quickly walk from the pool house to the hot tub, jumping with every step from the cold tile. I sit on the concrete edge, putting my feet cautiously in the scalding water. At first, it’s as intolerable as the … Continue reading Orion

Escaping Reality

            Starting in kindergarten and continuing through much of elementary school, my teachers used to read stories to us. They would sit on creaky, colorful stools at the front of the classroom while my classmates and I would sit in a circle around them, attentively listening to the story. I remember filling in the details … Continue reading Escaping Reality

Moving Cross-Country: Advice for Being 1500 Miles Away From Home

On August 31th, 2018, I moved from the Southern suburbs of Baton Rouge, Louisiana to right next to Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts with two duffel bags and a backpack. I started my college career at Simmons University, started walking and taking buses and trains everywhere, and started adjusting to the constant cold. This isn’t … Continue reading Moving Cross-Country: Advice for Being 1500 Miles Away From Home