Fainting in a Shop

            Opening the door to the shop, Cane felt as if he might faint.

            The guy behind the counter saw him stumble and quickly ran over to help Cane up.

            “Ah, get up, droske. That’s it.” The shopkeeper walked Cane over to a stool just across from the counter. He wiped off the dust from the stool and slowly sat Cane down, leaning him against the counter. Cane, barely lucid, groaned and tried to hold himself up.

            “Water!” the shopkeeper exclaimed, and disappeared behind the counter. He came back with a warm water bottle, which he opened and handed to Cane. When Cane didn’t respond, he sighed and tilted his chest backwards, so he could sit up.

            “Open mouth,” he said, grabbing Cane’s head. Cane slowly opened his mouth, his eyes barely open. He was seeing stars.

            “Ay, drink.” The shopkeeper poured water into Cane’s mouth, and Cane swallowed the water slowly. Still weak, he lay against the counter, closing his eyes. The shopkeeper paused, taking in Cane’s condition.

            “Listen, droske¸ I’m not sure who you are, but you better get well enough to explain yourself so I can tend shop.”